Lesson 61 – Know of Your Power

You are starting to learn many, many spiritual truths, truths that I desire for you to learn.  You are starting to see that when you apply my instruction, you receive results that often defy logic.  Don’t try to explain those results.  Rather, accept them for what they are – that they are manifestations of spirit and that they occur as a result of your desire.  For I am the all-powerful.  I am the all-knowing.  And you are a part of me.  

You know not of the power you possess, for you possess all that is of me.  Know of your power and call it forth with intention.  Your power becomes manifested in the world with or without intention.  That is just what is so.  But manifest with intention, and all will become yours.  

Use your power, my dear one.  You learned as a child not to use your power, for there were those around you who appeared more powerful than you.  That was then.  This is now.  And now, it is most appropriate to use the power that is yours.  

Stand up for all that is right, all that is good, all that is needed, all that is of me, and I will bless your actions and the results that are produced.  Darkness will continue to make itself known, for it abhors the light that is starting to shine.  Note that you are stronger than any darkness that comes your way.  

You delight me more and more each day, my dear one.  It is as a proud parent that I watch you blossom into that which you are becoming.  All is as it should be.  Your footsteps will remain firm on the path I am laying for you.  Walk confidently along it, with the confidence that comes from knowing you are being led.


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