Lesson 58 – Spiritual Turmoil

I know what is in your heart.  The truths in your heart never change.  They were written upon your heart before you were born.  All that ever changes is attitude.  And when that attitude is not aligned with that of my spirit, turmoil results.  

That is the pain you see written on the faces of so many.  They are in spiritual turmoil.  Their hearts and their attitudes are not aligned.  They may have many reasons to justify why this is so, but that does not change the truth of what is. 

Look around you.  Look at the faces of those you see.  Look into their eyes.  Life has left them.  I am life.  I give life.  They are walking.  But they are not living. 

Yet there is a very small spark that is looking to escape the darkness of their prison.  Simply by coming from love, you bring what is needed to nurture that expression.  You have the ability to kindle that spark in another, allowing it to burst into flame,  bringing the light that is so desperately desired.  It is not in what you do.  It is in what you bring. 

Share from your heart in all that you do.  Serve others over yourself.  Serve me above all.  Act boldly in faith, and trust that your boldness will be recognized and rewarded.  Look not into the future, for today is the day you have been given.  It is always only today.  Use each today with wisdom and forethought, and continue to share my light with the world.


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