Lesson 57 – Emotional Reactions

There is an important lesson here, so pay careful attention.  Sometimes you claim you feel “gloomy”.  Sometimes you claim you are filled with happiness and delight.  One you deem negative and bad.  The other positive and good.  It is important to notice that both have come from you.  What is so has not changed.  

Your feelings are your reactions to what is so.  You believe if you call it “negative” it is something bad and should be corrected.  You believe that which you call “positive” is good and therefore what is so.  That is not true.  Negative or positive  are both simply reactions and both come from you.  And both are of your choosing.  I may control what is so.  You control your reaction.  

I have been repeating this instruction to you for some time.  But it has always been in the context of those negatively labeled reactions you do not enjoy.  Now I am teaching you that this instruction is just as valid when your reaction is a positive one.  They are both your reactions.  Neither are truth.  They are merely responses to truth.  

Now – if both reactions – those you consider positive and those you consider negative – are up to you – which will you choose?  You control it.  Reactions are not accidents.  They are intentional responses to what is so.  

Not knowing this causes you to be a victim to your emotions.  Understanding the truth about emotion puts you in a position of power.  It puts you in a position of choice, of control.  People desire choice and control.  Unfortunately, they feel powerless most of the time.  If only they knew that that, too, is under their control! 

Darkness is very seductive and often campaigns for your attention.  It knows how to lure you into surrendering to its ways.  It whispers lies that are easily listened to.  Whether or not you choose to attend is up to you. 

Insistence on truth is the response to those whispers.  Lies are shown for what they are when light is shined upon them.  That is why it is necessary to test all things.  Are they truth?  Or are they lies?  Are they what is so?  Or are they merely reactions to what is so? 

Now is a time to receive and learn.  Continue to reread my instructions to you.  Their meanings will change with time, for such is the nature of my instruction. 

Know that I love you as I love all of my children.  Enjoy this day, for I am complete.


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