Lesson 56 – Ask and You Shall Receive

Ask and you shall receive.  Those words are basic to understanding my ways.  By not understanding this fully, you are constantly being disappointed by what is given to you.  

I told you in our last lesson to be precise in your language.  This is the reason for that instruction.  Ask and it will be given to you.  But be clear of what you ask for and why you ask for it.  Pure motives, pure desires, result in pure rewards.  

Focus on your desires.  Focus on the desires that come from your heart.  For those are desires that come from me, that are of me, that serve me.  Such are the desires I reward. 

You always have choice about what you receive.  You choose without knowing you have chosen.  Whether you know or don’t know, you choose.  The key to a righteous life is to choose with purpose, understanding, and intention.  

Your choices become your life.  Your choices are your life.  Your choices give you life.  Choose that which you ask for wisely.  

Choosing never ends until the day you stop walking my earth.  Then you will be reunited with me and choice becomes clear.  Until that time, you must constantly and with diligence choose righteousness over selfishness.  

The words I have just given you are not to be taken lightly.  They are life-changing words.  Today’s words are to be read, reread, and reread repeatedly, until their meaning becomes clear.  Their meaning will change over time.  Their meaning will become clear over time.  

Keep these words where you can reflect upon them.  They are words you need to understand.  They are words that need to become part of your way of being so that you operate naturally from these words without the need for thought.  You will know when that times comes.  Until then just be with what you do know, and keep yourself open to learning more.  I will continue to teach you. 

Be not afraid,  for I am with you.  Know that I love you, as I love all my children.  Continue to learn, for I am complete.


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