Lesson 55 – The End of Suffering

It frustrates me to watch my children suffer needlessly.  For needless, indeed, is suffering.  You bring suffering upon yourself.  Suffering is your choice. Suffering is not what is so.  It is your learned reaction to what is so.  

So why would you choose suffering?  Suffering is what you know.  It is familiar to you.  It is comfortable for you.  Yet it does not fulfill.  It does not reward.  It does not serve you.  All it does is it stops you from receiving all that I wish for you to have.  

When you choose suffering, you cut yourself off from all that comes from me.  You feel dark  and alone,  leading to still more suffering.  You suffer as do so many of my children.  It is an experience that I wish to end.  

Ask for your suffering to end.  Turn to me and ask.  But in order for that to occur, you must be willing to surrender to my ways.  As long as your ways are more important to you than my ways, you will not receive the response you desire.  

I love you, my dear one, as I love all my children.  You must start to learn about love, for there is much  you do not know.  You were not properly taught about love as a child.  Yet you have love to give and love is in your heart.  You need to offer it freely, and be willing to receive love just as freely.  You must rebuke your childhood teachings about love, and become open to receiving my truth.  

You will come to know much about love.  Your understanding about love is just beginning.  Start to open up your own heart and you will quickly discern the truths that are there. 

Notice those whom you attract and those you are attracted to, for that is the first truth about love.  Attraction is part of love.  Like attracts like.  Be with those souls whom you attract.  Connect and recognize one another. Celebrate reunion.  Notice the joy that reunion generates. Reunion is part of love.  

Ask for all that you desire, and know that it will be given to you.  Be clear on what you ask for.  Notice the words that you use, for words are very powerful.  Words create.  Know that,  and use that knowledge to lead to precision with your language. 

Do not dwell upon that which you do not desire.  Instead, train yourself to focus on all that is good.  I invite you to practice.  See what follows and learn about your power when combined with mine.  Trust that no harm will come to you.  Relax and enjoy this journey.  Have faith in that which you cannot see. 

I am here to nourish you and provide for all of your needs.  Know that I love you.  Reflect upon  what that means, for I am complete.


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Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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2 Responses to Lesson 55 – The End of Suffering

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    I have only just awakened now to how much I had chosen suffering, believed I deserved to suffer. For over a decade. It really spoiled LIFE.

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