Lesson 54 – I Knock

I knock, my dear one.  But sometimes you do not allow me to come in.  Notice how dark your life becomes at those times.  Notice how alone you feel. 

You have learned those ways, but they are not of truth.  They are not my ways.  My way is to be there for you at all times.  In times of joy.  In times of sadness.  In times of great strength.  In times of great weakness.  In times of certainty.  In times of doubt. 

I desire for you to turn to me for all things, at all times.  For such is the nature of our relationship.  I am the source of it all.  Turn to me during all of it.  Turn to me now.  

This is simple instruction.  There is nothing for you to figure out.  There is nothing for you to do.  Just be with me.  Then notice the results.  When you turn to me, your steps are firm. 

Your way through life is effortless when I have your attention and am able to guide you.  However, when life starts to feels effortless, you tend to view our connection as one that is commonplace.  You stop honoring it and raising it up to the glory it deserves.  You come to believe you do not need our relationship.  You begin to put your power over mine. 

Notice what happens at those times.  Notice how you begin to struggle.  Notice how waves of unhappiness wash over you.  Notice your doubt and your unease start to increase.  When you turn to me regularly your way is certain.  On your own, your way is filled with doubt.  

I never abandon you, my dear one.  I am always right here just waiting for you to seek me.  I have said that I cannot come where I am not invited.  I just wait for you to extend the invitation.  

I am always here.  Even when you do not dwell in my house, I am here.  The key needed to return is always held by you.  Simply remember to use it.


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