Lesson 53 – Resting Times

There is a time for rest just as there is a time for work.  Simply look upon my world and you will see that all things must go through a time of rest before times of vigorous growth. 

Not all times are times of doing.  There are times when being quiet is called for.  It is not a question of deserving quiet time or earning quiet time.  It is a question of what is needed.  Rather than resisting the quiet time, enjoy it.  For times of growth and hard work always follow times of rest. 



Gain strength. 

Take in. 

Just be.  

Enjoy the events of each day, for each day is a gift from me.  Question not the purpose of each day, or whether or not the purpose has been fulfilled.  Just live each day fully, being present to the wonder of what is so.  

Enjoy the quiet times, my dear one. Quiet time does not mean stagnation.  Quiet time means forces are gathering to propel you onward.  Celebrate the quiet times as much as you celebrate the times of activity.  Know that when you are quiet you are fulfilling your purpose just as profoundly as in times of great activity.  Cherish and enjoy each moment.  For each one is perfect.


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