Lesson 52 – I Am Love

I am love.  Therefore, when you love others, you bring me with you.  Others feel this, even if they cannot express this knowing in words.  

When you walk in my ways you bring hope to those who have lost their hope.  Many have love in their hearts, but they feel all alone, and know not how to express it.  When one who is alone meets one who lives in love, they are given hope that others live as they do.  That others love as they do.  That knowledge strengthens them, allowing them to grow stronger in my love.  

People crave fellowship, even if it is brief.  When you bring light to others, you leave them with light.  And that is what I desire.  I desire for my light to burn brightly throughout the world.  For  light banishes darkness. 

I need armies of light.  Continue as you are doing, learning about my ways, naturally expressing my ways as you learn of them.  Know that my work is being done through you.  You will continue to receive confirmation as to the rightness of what you do.  That confirmation will allow you to come from strength and certainty.  For the more certain you become in what you are doing, how you are doing it, and who you are, the stronger will be the results. 

Success is measured by the lives you touch, not by the dollars you bring in.  You touch others by your heart and by your manner, not by the content of the words that you share.  Continue to march fearlessly into the world, knowing your ways are blessed.  And start now, for I am complete.


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