Lesson 51 – A Function of Experience

You must clearly understand your mind and how it works before you can fully practice living in now.  Your mind is a function of your experience.  It is not what is so. 

Understanding the difference between what is so and the interpretations of your mind about what is so must be reflected upon over and over and over again, until the difference is undeniable.  For until that occurs, you cannot change your way of interacting with the world.  Understanding the difference between your mind’s interpretation about what is so, and what is so – is freedom.  Not understanding is continued enslavement.  You are a prisoner of your thoughts. 

Your mind has become so firmly established that it blinds you to the truth. You are imprisoned by the thoughts you have created making it difficult to examine any other way.  But there is another way to live.  A way that is of truth.  I way that honors what is so.  I way that you desire. 

Start to question that life may not be as you have created it to be.  Notice how lost and alone you feel when you attempt to follow your own understandings.  Turn to me instead.  Turn to others of like-mind.  My work is not meant to be done alone.  

Life may start to feel uncomfortable.  Be with that discomfort.  Do not deny it.  Do not resist it.  Embrace it, for it is what is so.  Your resistance to embracing what is so prevents you from moving forward.  

At times, you may experience circumstances that you do not like.  When those times occur, understand that they are what is so at that moment.  If you are feeling anxious, feel anxious.  If you are feeling uncertain, feel uncertain.  If you are feeling lost, or angry, or doubtful, or worried, feel those things.  Stating what is so will set you free of the hold these forces have on you.  For the truth spoken sets you free to move forward.  

Do not pretend to feel other than what you are feeling.  Not acknowledging the truth keeps all of what is so – the positive and the negative – from being released.  Not acknowledging the truth is what keeps you a prisoner. 

You have the ability to set yourself free.  Start now by claiming the truth of what is so in your life as of this moment.  If what is so feels challenging to you, do not feel ashamed to acknowledge that truth, nor should you feel yourself to be petty or weak for having done so.  There is strength in acknowledging your weakness!  For only by acknowledging the truth can you be made strong. 

Live today fully.  For today is all you have.  Your todays will lead you to the tomorrow you wish for.  Embrace all – that which pleases you, that which does not – for it is all what is so.  Enjoy this day – all of it – for it is a gift from me.  Know that I love you.  And start now, for I am complete.


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