Lesson 49 – Enjoy This Day

Some days are days of intense work.  Some days are days of intense learning.  Some days are days of intense reflection.  Some days are days of rest.  And some days have no purpose whatsoever other than to enjoy what is so about that day.  Each day does not have to be filled with purpose.  Some days are just meant to be enjoyed.  

You may enjoy such days, my hard-working warrior.  They are meant to be gifts.  You are not meant to work unceasingly.  Rest and nurturing are equally as important.  Honor your needs as well as you honor my needs and the needs of others.  

Learn to receive and ask for that which you require for your own well-being.  I do not require only giving.  Taking care of your own needs is crucial – that is your only instruction for today.  That instruction is as necessary as every other instruction you have been given.  Enjoy this day and notice how much more powerful that makes you tomorrow.  Know that I love you.  And start now, for I am complete.


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