Lesson 47 – There is Only Now

I will be with you each step of the way.  That is my promise.  That is my way.  Rely not on your own understandings, but follow my direction.  I will continue to make my directions clear to you.  

Don’t look ahead to tomorrow.  You know not what tomorrow brings.  Do not focus on what you do not know.  Take care of what you do know.  Focus on now.  That is all you need to concern yourself with.  Stay with what is so.  

I am repeating this lesson over and over to you.  You have seen this lesson many times as of late.  The lesson of the fly.  The lesson of the leaf.  The lesson of following your heart.  Each example has taught the same lesson.  Focus on what is so.  Look not to the future.  Do not add your own judgments and beliefs.  Your emotions are not real. They are merely conditioned responses.  Trust in what you know.  Act in spite of fear.  Follow the urgings of your heart, for those desires come from me.  Trust that pure desires will be fulfilled.  

Those are the lessons of the past few weeks.  They have been repeated and spoken of often and in many different ways.  That is my way.  My children are stubborn and need to hear my lessons many, many times and in many different ways before they truly become known.  

Life is about learning my ways.  All that happens to you is for your training and understanding.  All is for your good.  Learn that lesson and your life will change. 

Continue to learn that lesson.  Continue to see that all is for good, and you will come to know to always follow the urgings of your heart without question and without fear.  You will learn, although it may take many repetitions before you learn this lesson.  That is fine, and as it should be. 

Continue to respond as you are urged to do, and you will learn to do so easily.  And when you learn that, life will be joyous.  For you will have learned  to trust me completely, and you will then flow through your life as beautifully and as effortlessly as that leaf in the stream.  And when you do so, you will have earned the title of warrior.


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2 Responses to Lesson 47 – There is Only Now

  1. B says:

    Love this Post!!! “Strong As A Warrior!” is an affirmation I use whilst practicing Yoga…

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