Lesson 44 – Jump!

Jump into that which your heart is calling you to do.  Not following the urgings of your heart is what causes distress.  You feel distress when you fight what your heart is telling you to do.  

That is an experience common to most of my children.  They are in constant conflict over what they know and what they have been taught.  What they have been taught is not correct and must be unlearned.  

You must be willing to unlearn the lessons of your youth.  Your youth teaches you to  be cautious and careful in your steps.  Your youth teaches you to step carefully in order to avoid danger.  But what is danger?  Danger is only a decision of your mind.  What is so, is what is so.  You decide that something is dangerous.  And you are usually wrong. 

When you follow the urgings of your heart,  all is for good.  Danger is not to be thought of.  Danger is not real.  You create the notion of danger.  It is not what is so.  What is so is what is so.  

You can feel uncomfortable.  You can feel fear.  You can feel doubt and uncertainty.  And you can still jump.  That is the lesson.  

That is what a warrior does.  That is what a warrior knows to do.  You are a warrior.  Go and do what warriors do, so that you may enjoy the results warriors produce.  Demonstrate that fear does not stop you.  Do not pretend that fear does not exist.  Just demonstrate that fear does not have the power to stop you.  

Do not belittle yourself  for your doubts and  fears.  You must learn about them.  Start today, for I am complete.


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