Lesson 42

I am making you strong, my dear one.  I am leading you.  Do not be influenced by the ideas of others, including your own ideas as to how your training should be proceeding.  I am asking you to undo years of training, for you have spent a lifetime being trained in the ways of the world.  Now I am training you in my ways.  

These ways are new for you.  If you are struggling with some of these ideas it is because of the conflict between your desire and the protection of your mind.  Your mind does not like the path you’re traveling on.  Your mind is screaming, “Danger!”  For that is the job of your mind – to protect you from harm.  

Your way of seeing the world is changing, and your mind does not like it.  It does not know these new ways, and it is having trouble doing its job of protecting you.  If you are feeling uncomfortable, that is a good thing.  It means that you are struggling to learn ways that are foreign to you.  That conflict is good.  For conflict moves you forward.  

Be with these uncomfortable feelings.  They are not a sign of failure. They are a sign that you are moving ahead beautifully in your training.  For if your mind was not feeling threatened, you would not be learning new ways. 

Celebrate these anxious feelings, my dear one, as you celebrate all the events of your life.  For I have also told you repeatedly that all is for good.  What you are considering unpleasant and negative emotion is a good example of the lesson I am teaching you.  Your feeling is simply a reaction to what is so.  What is so is that you are progressing rapidly through my instruction.  Your reaction to what’s so is that you are feeling uncomfortable.  You use your reaction to conclude that what is so is a bad thing, when I have told you that everything is good. 

There are no problems.  Yet, look how determined you are to allow your reactions to influence what is so.  Your reactions can’t influence what’s so.  What is so, is what is so.  What is so never changes, despite changes in your reaction. 

I will again repeat my instruction – learn to separate your reactions from what is so.  One is truth.  The other is illusion.  The illusions are not real.  They only appear to be real.  

Feelings are not real.  They are merely reactions to what is so – reactions based on past experiences.  But – this is now, my dear one.  It is different from anything you have experienced before.  You have nothing to compare it to.  Therefore, your reactions have no validity.  Reflect upon these words, for they have the power to set you free to move on. 

So – be with what’s so.  If you’re feeling anxious or uncomfortable in any way  – be with that discomfort without struggle.  That discomfort is just a small ripple in the stream.  Be with it and you will ride right over it into smoother waters.  Ripples are meant to exist within streams.  They are not a problem.  Just relax and let me continue to move you forward.


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