Lesson 41 – The Lesson of the Leaf Part 2

Let us continue with that imagery of a leaf floating in a stream.  That imagery is your life, your life as it is meant to be.  Take some time to focus on that imagery.  Focus on the peaceful feelings it evokes.  Focus on your feelings of calmness and perfection.  Focus on your relief at not being in control.  This is life as it is meant to be.  Yet, how many people experience life this way?  How many experience there being no need to struggle for control?  For I told you – control is only an illusion.  So why struggle with something that is not real?  There is no need.  

Life is indeed as simple and as effortless as your imagery of drifting along with the current.  As that leaf, it did not matter that you knew not where the current was taking you.  For you knew you were being carried forward as you were meant to be.  It did not matter that there were moments when the current speeded up.  It did not matter that you were carried around bends to places new and unknown to you.  All was well and as it should be.  It did not even matter that the current carried you into places of swirling waters.  Those times were just as fine as when you were gently being carried forward.  You were controlling none of it.  You were enjoying all of it.  You were doing as a leaf is meant to do.  All was fine.  Wasn’t it a relaxing and pleasant journey, my child?  All of it – the slow waters, the fast waters, the swirling waters, the unknown turns?  

Such is life, my dear one.  You do not control the current that is moving you forward.  You are moving naturally and gracefully according to my will.  No parts of your journey are “bad” or wrong.  All parts are as they should be.  You sail effortlessly through the calm waters.  And you sail just as effortlessly through turbulent waters.  Just like the leaf gets carried forward effortlessly, so, too, do you, as you travel through your life.  My children resist so – as if that resistance will change the flow of my current.  Resistance just makes the journey unpleasant.  It changes nothing about where you are going or what happens along the way.  The only thing resistance affects is your experience.  So again I say you have a choice! 

What are you going to choose, my dear one?  Are you going to travel effortlessly like the leaf, with no thought as to what’s ahead, and no concern for what’s ahead?  Or are you going to continue as you have been doing, worrying, fretting, anxious, trying desperately to control the events of your life?  

Refer to the imagery of the leaf and the stream often, for you have a choice to continue from this day forth with the same effortless ways.  Feel how it is to be that leaf, moving forward with no concerns.  Feel how wonderful it would be to stop your struggle.  I cannot control your struggle.  I only control your circumstances.  I can only show you my truths, and then you must choose.  That is how it always is.  I show truth, you choose.  Your attitudes and reactions belong to you.  What is so belongs to me. 

Do not fret, my dear one, or allow this instruction to add to your struggle.  Take in my words.  Reflect upon them.  Don’t struggle to apply them.  Just allow them to be.  Allow them to start to grow within you.  Nurture this instruction, and it will continue to grow.  If you struggle to learn it, you are just doing more struggle. Let it be.


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