Lesson 40 – The Lesson of the Leaf

Being in control is an illusion.  Your life has unfolded in spite of you thinking you had something to do with it.  You influence the course of events, but there is very little you do to affect their outcome.  I send all events your way.  

I listen to your requests.  I know what is written upon your heart.  I am eager to bring pleasure to my children.  But much of what I do is for reasons beyond your understanding.  For just as I bring people and events into your path, so, too, are you being brought into the paths of others.  You are each the focus of your own perception, but I am the focus of it all. 

Consider this – all that you have received has been because of me.  There was nothing you needed to do.  You did not control it.  You did not cause it.  

Think about those words.  The egos of my children believe they are in control and controlling their circumstances.  That is not so.  Your only purpose and the only purpose of all my children is to serve my purpose, purposes most never become aware of.  

These words are meant to be a gift.   These word are meant to bring you freedom.  When you learn that you are not in control, when you learn that you do not cause the events of your life, you will realize that all that time and energy you exert trying to control things is for naught.  Think of how much more powerful would be your spirit if it stopped struggling against what is so, and simply moved with what is so.  For what is so is what is so, no matter how you struggle or resist.  

Look at every event of your life, every event you believed you controlled.  Now know that each event was meant to occur as it did.  Yes – you performed actions, acquired many skills, and learned much.  I am not talking about the things you did.  I am referring to the attitudes that accompanied your actions – the worries, fears, anxieties, angers, frustrations, that accompanied much of what you did.  None of that had any bearing on your being here, at this very place, at this very moment.  You are where you are because that was my plan before time began.  I knew every action you were to take.  I knew every circumstance that came your way.  I knew every individual whose path crossed yours.  Everything is under my control and happens according to my plans, yet my children struggle and resist so.  

Think about a leaf being carried by a stream, floating along the surface.  That leaf might believe it’s moving because of its will, when it is obvious to an observer that that is not so.  That leaf may have attitudes about where it’s going and how it’s getting there, when obviously those attitudes are not affecting the flow of the stream or the leaf’s place within that stream. The leaf may become deposited along the bank and feel it has finally caused itself to arrive at its destination, when that is also not so.  The leaf became deposited at a certain place, at a certain time, simply due to the whim of the stream, the movement of the stream, the energy of the stream.  The leaf had nothing to do with it, no matter what beliefs it held about its journey.  Nothing about the leaf affected where it ended up, how it got there, or when it arrived.  All the leaf did was to affect how well it enjoyed the ride.  

Now, of course that leaf considers none of those things.  It merely becomes part of the current, and moves forward without thought or resistance.  The lives of my children are as simple and as effortless as the movement of that leaf.  You are all flowing in my current, and your path is not affected by your attitudes and reactions.  All that you believe is an illusion, just as if that leaf had attitudes and beliefs it would simply be an illusion that those things controlled its flow.  

These are difficult concepts.  You may understand them rationally.  You may resist them emotionally.  But to live your life as effortlessly as that leaf in a stream takes surrender and practice.  But the joys of doing so are immeasurable. 

You have been practicing, my dear one, and you are starting to see that the ride becomes that much more enjoyable when you can surrender in peace.  Know that events will continue to unfold according to my plan.  Your choice is your reaction to them.  How will you choose? 

Live life like that leaf in the stream, and notice the results.  Stop resisting, and allow my waters to carry you forward.  Trust that this is what is indeed occurring, and that all is for good.  Lock up that warehouse of stored files called your mind, and live from a different place.  A place of spirit.  A place of me.  

Rejoin your spirit with mine – at all times – and notice how differently you experience the same circumstances.  Surrender to my current and enjoy the journey.  Practice at every opportunity.  Meditation is a way of practicing, and is a good beginning.  Once you become adept at surrendering during your meditation, start to transfer those ways to all the circumstances of your life.   For you do have the ability to just be, no matter what is occurring in the world around you.  All it takes is practice and desire.  I know of your desire, and I know you will practice.  Therefore, I know you will develop this skill.  

Continue as you are doing and take every opportunity to close off your reactions, and simply notice and be with what is so.  Start now, at this very moment.  Take a moment to just be, with your eyes open, and practice noticing what’s around you with no reaction or commentary.  Once you have noticed and enjoyed the experience, go and continue your day.


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2 Responses to Lesson 40 – The Lesson of the Leaf

  1. Anita says:

    Significant lesson for me for this moment. Thanks for speaking to me x

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