Lesson 38

You are like a flower opening before me and I delight in your growth.  Continue to learn.  Continue to explore that which your insights lead you to explore.  Continue to follow my ways, and I will guide you in your discoveries.  

Continue to learn about your mind.  Your mind is very powerful.  It wants to be in control.  Your mind is the great separator.  Your mind keeps you from me.  It does not want to be led by me, nor does it want to follow my ways.  It thinks it knows how best to protect you.  It doesn’t.  In fact, it has the ability to do much damage.  It works in opposition to my ways.  My ways are beyond reason.  

The mind thrives on reason.  The mind seeks to make order out of chaos.  The conclusions of the mind are often false, based on false information.  The conclusions of the mind are not truth.  They are merely interpretations of truth.  Yet, the conclusions of the mind are treated as truth.  And they lead you away from me.  

Clear your mind and you will be able to be with me.  That takes faith, trust, and determination.  You must practice clearing your mind.  For practice is a good thing.  

You must learn the difference between listening to your mind, and listening to nothing.  The sound of nothing is very loud.  You are not used to hearing nothing.  Nothing is deafening.  

Learn to control your mind.  It is not who you are, even though you identify your mind as being you.  That is just one more trick of the mind.  Your mind is not you and does not survive you.  You are discovering, slowly, who and what you are.  You are of spirit.  The mind is of the world.  Know the difference. 

You have much to unlearn, my dear one, as do all my children.   Like that flower unfolding, you are unlearning bravely and with rapid pace.  Your desire to trust me and unlearn, despite the protests within your mind, makes you a warrior.  Warriors serve without question.  Warriors go forth without serving fear.  You are a warrior, my dear one.  You don’t serve your fears.  You serve me.  That is what is written in your heart.  

Enjoy these discoveries, my dear one.  They are meant for your enlightenment.  They are meant to delight you.  But knowledge alone is not sufficient.  You must come to experience the truth of my words.


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Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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