Lesson 37 – The Lesson of the Fly

There are lessons all around you.  There are lessons to be learned every day.  Life is about learning my ways so that you can return to me.  

Today’s lesson is about surrender.  You must learn to surrender to my ways, not to your ways.  For you do not know what is to come or for what purpose certain events unfold.  

Think about a fly dancing upon your skin.  Is it a mere annoyance, a pest to be gotten rid of?  Or is it a valuable lesson?  Should I heed your request to rid you of the fly so that it will cease tormenting you, or should I allow the fly to remain, in order for you to learn a valuable lesson about surrendering to what is so?  

Many think I don’t hear their pleas.  Many think I turn deaf ears to their requests.  But look at today’s silly little example of a fly dancing upon your skin, for it isn’t silly at all.  How deprived you would be if I were to remove that fly from your presence were you to ask, when it is serving as a valuable lesson for you.  

I never turn deaf ears to the pleas of my children.  All requests get answered in time – my time –  and according to my plans.  Know that all that happens is for good.  As with a fly dancing upon your arm, it is only your reaction that causes harm or discomfort.  The fly is merely tickling your skin. 

Learn to surrender to your circumstances, and you will learn that all is for your good, for I do not wish harm to come to my children.  You must learn to control your reactions, not your circumstances.  Once you are able to surrender to the dancing flies in your life, they will be removed.  For they will have served their purposes.  

Your task, dear one, is to transfer that learning to all circumstances in your life.  Surrender to what’s so.  Do so willingly and humbly.  Stop resisting what’s so.  For it’s only upon your surrender to my will that your circumstances will change.  

You learned something of value today, my dear student.  Now practice applying it in your life.


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4 Responses to Lesson 37 – The Lesson of the Fly

  1. B says:

    Thats a good lesson… thank you x

    • Thank you for understanding the richness of this life lesson. The next time you encounter a situation that feels challenging in any way, stop and notice what’s really so about the situation, independent of your reactions to it, surrendering into allowing it to simply be. Can you feel joy, peace and happiness in spite of challenging circumstances?

      When you can separate your reactions from your circumstances, you’re well on your way to discovering that the kingdom of Heaven is right at hand. CC

  2. celiaelaine says:

    Thank you for this new blog. I do like your example of the fly, but I do find that when I try to control my reactions by force, i fall on my face. That’s when I have to turn my reactions over to a Higher Power. Blessings to you and thanks for a good blog.

    Most cordially, Celia

    • Thank, you, Celia, for being on this journey. You are so very correct – resistance merely causes persistence. Only through surrender to that which is beyond your conscious awareness is change possible. The willingness to surrender becomes your choice. And once you experience the effortless joy inherent in surrender, the journey of awakening unfolds at a rapid pace.

      Keep growing. Keep questioning. Keep showing others by your example the possibilities. CC

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