Lesson 36

When unexpected or uncertain circumstances occur, notice how quickly you assume some misfortune is coming your way.  Notice how quickly you assume hardship is about to be yours.  You must learn how to react with faith to any situation.  For unexpected events are part of life.  Why assume unexpected events bring ill winds?  

Unexpected events bring riches just as easily.  Much depends upon your perception.  How you perceive life events is your choice.  Notice how you choose.  You control that.  

You can choose doubt.  Or you can choose to have faith.  You can choose fear.  Or you can choose joy.  You can let events knock you down, or you can use those very same events to raise you to new heights.  There is never a problem, my dear one.  The only problem that ever exists is your reaction to a set of unexpected uncertainties.  Learn from your reaction.  

When you have uncertainty in your life, notice your reaction.  Your reactions are your choice!  Notice what you choose.


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