Lesson 35

I am continuing to lead you into your own discoveries.  They are yours to uncover, but I am leading you to them.  First you must find them.  Then I can teach you about them.  

Continue to look about you with wonder.  Continue to suspend your beliefs.  Beliefs cover the truth.  People cannot see truth because their beliefs are so strong.  

Continue to clear your mind and watch what unfolds.  There are truths to be shown to you that are unimaginable.  Beliefs are all that you can imagine.  You don’t have the imagery to see what it is I want to show you.  

Being in a wonderland is a good analogy, for you are truly part of a place where nothing is as it seems.  Suspend your beliefs and just look.  Suspend your beliefs and be willing to receive knowledge.  Real knowledge.  My knowledge.  

This is your time, my dear one, your time of wonder, discernment, and knowing.  You are on an adventure that many want but few are given.  I am leading you into areas that few understand.  I am leading you into areas that fewer even experience.  

Continue going forth, my dear one.  Continue to open your eyes.  Continue to admit there is much you do not know.  Continue to wonder.  Continue to question.  Continue to look.  Continue to receive.  Continue to celebrate.  Continue to share.  Continue to turn to me. 

Enjoy each day.  Learning will continue to unfold at an ever-increasing rate.  There is nothing to do at this time, my dear one, other than to discover, learn, and share.  

Enjoy the miracle that is this time.  This time is indeed like no other.  Live today through eyes that continue to open.  Do not concern yourself with petty things.  Concern yourself only with discovering the truth.  I give you the gift of knowledge, for I know it is a gift you will cherish and will use wisely. 

Go and enjoy this day, and play with it, for I am complete.


About Common Courage

Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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