Lesson 34

Your heart has been opened.  The words I last spoke to you were true. My words were healing words, allowing your heart to become opened to receiving me.    (See Lesson 33) 

You have reached a new level in your training.  How you see the world and how you see me has changed over time as a result of working with these lessons.   But these lessons have not been the start of your training.  Your training started on the day you entered the world.  You can see how long it takes to bring you to this day.  Up until now, you have been walking, strolling through your training.  But with our last lesson, you began to run. 

Reread Lesson 33 often.  Use the words given to you in that lesson to hear my voice.  My spirit speaks through those words.  Cherish those words and keep them safe. 

Today is a new day for you.  You are seeing it though new eyes.  I have given you much instruction in a very short time.  You need to now live your life through these new eyes.  

I will be with you always, and will never forsake you.  You can speak to me always.  You can turn to me for comfort and love – always.  This personal relationship that we have is never to change.  

All your work has led you to today.  The time we’ve spent together was necessary for you to open your heart to me.  That is what has been occurring over these many weeks.  I have been gradually healing your heart.  

Your heart was not healed with the last lesson.  The last lesson was merely the day you felt it to be whole. Yesterday you noticed that scars had been removed.  The process happened gradually, without your knowing.  Yesterday was the day you knew. 

So – go forth, my dear one.  Live with your newly opened heart and learn all you can learn. 

I am not leaving you, my dear one.  I am inside of you and am with you each step of the way.  I will not remain silent. I will continue to guide you and acknowledge your successes and confirm the rightness of your understandings.








I give this day to you.  I am complete.


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