Lesson 33

Do  not deprive me of my joy in giving to you.  Do not deprive others of their joy in giving to you.  Do not deprive yourself of the  joy of receiving.  

Receive my pleasure  in you.  Drink it in.  Receive the gifts I have given you and will continue to give you.  Take it in, my dear one.  It is time to take all of this in. 

Open your heart to love.  Love wants to raise you up.  Receive that!  Love does not cause pain.  Open yourself up to the glory of the love that is being offered to you.  

I am with you always.  Receive that.  I protect you, always.  Receive that.  Look around you.  Look at all the gifts just waiting for you.  The only thing preventing you from fully enjoying these gifts is your failure to receive them.  

Know deep within your heart, my dear one, that I am not asking you to receive pain.  That time is over, never to return.  I am asking  you to receive all good things that have come from me.  Allow me to coax you to open your heart.  

Let me whisper to you, my dear one, that I love you.  Let’s start there, my dear child.  I  gently and softly whisper the words, “I love you.”  Receive it.  I whisper again, “I love you.”  Receive this, sweetly.  Let it fill you with sweetness.  Let its music play within your heart.  I love you.  Breathe.  I love  you.  Breathe some more.  That is correct, my dear one.  Breathe in my love.  Stay with me.  My love heals you.  

Yes, my dear one, I feel you.  I have wanted you to receive this for a very long time.  I will continue to whisper to you words of love until you are no longer frightened.  Breathe, sweet one.  I want to give this to you.  Stay with me.  Receive it all.  Enjoy this.  This is love.  This is not what  you knew.  This is what I am asking you to receive.  Allow it to fill you, never to leave you.  I will speak softly  until you are no longer frightened.  Start with me.  Test  me.  Trust me.  I will never fail you.  Receive me, my sweetness.  For love given but  not received is not truly love, either.  Love is more than that.  Love needs to be fully demonstrated for its power to be made real.  

Yes, my dear one, I feel you becoming calm.  See?  You have allowed me to love you, and there was no pain. How did it feel, my little child?  You received love and it filled you with peace, not pain.  Very good, my brave child.  For I know how brave it was for you to open yourself up to my love.  You continue to please me and it is with confidence that I lead you forward.  Know that you have passed through one more stage of your learning.  You have passed through it well.  

I smile because you please me.  Receive that as well.  Receive that I honor you.  Receive that you please me.  Receive that I have confidence in you.  Receive that I love you.  

Go and enjoy this day.  Drink in my sunshine and clean air.  The storms have passed and I give you fair weather to enjoy.  This day is my gift to you.  Receive it.  Celebrate your new freedom.  I release you.  But I am always here.  This is love.


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