Lesson 31

You are being led to truths you need to uncover.  All truths shall be uncovered in time.  Some I will tell you.  Others are better learned through your own discernment.  Keep noticing about love.  

Notice what comes to you when you expect nothing.  Expecting nothing is a very powerful draw.  Expecting nothing gets you everything.  Expecting nothing leads you to delights unimaginable.  For you cannot even imagine what riches are available to you.  Why limit yourself by your expectations?  Rather, expect nothing and be open to receiving even greater rewards than you can imagine. 

People respond when love is given unconditionally.  People react when love is not given freely.  People know then that it is not love.  

Love allows everyone to be perfect as they are.  Their actions are perfect.  Their thoughts are perfect.  Anything else is not love.  Passing judgment is not of love.  Requiring an action is not love.  Love is pure and freely given. 

Notice how others respond to you when you expect nothing.  They respond by wanting to please you – not because you expect it of them, but because you do not. 

You have been disappointed by love in the past.  You must release those judgments and look at the world through fresh eyes.  

It is easy to love very young children and animals because you do not expect them to cause you pain.  You have no reason to expect them to cause you pain.  On the other hand, you often expect pain and disappointment from adults.  You do not love them in the same way. 

But you must.  For they are all children.


About Common Courage

Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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