Lesson 28

Everything is under control, whether it feels that way right now, or not.  If you feel anxiety it is because you are looking to tomorrow.  You are anticipating things being out of control tomorrow.  Look around yourself today.  If you look around, my dear one, you will see that much of what concerns you is actually under control.  

That is all you ever need to concern yourself with – today.  Be it financial concerns, health concerns, relationship concerns, life concerns, look only at today to assess their status.  Today all is as it should be.  Today all is under control – both mine and yours.  Worry not about tomorrow.  

Continue to share yourself unselfishly, expecting nothing in return.  For that is a demonstration of love.  Give freely.  Expect nothing.  Watch what happens.  The results will delight and amaze you.  When you expect nothing, when you ask for nothing, you’ll get it all.


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