Lesson 27

When you open your heart to me, I am able to enter.  But if fear exists in your heart, that cannot be.  Love and fear cannot be together.  Fear often wins. 

You allow fear to win because fear is a friend to  you.  Fear is familiar and comfortable.  The minute fear is recognized and welcomed back in, your heart closes and I am once more banished to waiting.  I cannot be where I am not welcomed.  

I am indeed love.  Love responds to love.  The heart recognizes love.  It is only when love is recognized that fear is asked to leave.  But know that fear is always waiting and plotting to come back in.  You will welcome fear back in until you experience the freedom that comes from love. 

It may take many, many opportunities before you recognize the power of love and the hold fear has on you.  You must learn that you have a choice as to listen to fear or not.  It is only when you know you have a choice that you can start to see you can let fear go.  Letting fear go allows love to enter.  

I am love.  I am freedom.


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