Lesson 22

You are doing just fine.  You are pleasing me.  You are where you need to be.  Your answers are coming, because you are looking. 

You are in the process of uncovering lies so that the Truth will be known.  You need to do this, and must continue to do this.  This is work that can only be done alone.   And sometimes you need to hurt in order that you may heal. 

The truth is, you are magnificent.   But you listen to lies that whisper otherwise.  It is these lies that hurt you.  It torments you when you listen to lies about who you are, because a part of you knows the truth. 

Don’t be misled by your lies.  Your lies try to deceive you.  Don’t listen.  Remain strong in your knowledge of who you are. 

You must surrender to the truth of who you are. You must acknowledge and honor who you are.  That is how you bring honor to me.  Celebrate who you are, and you celebrate me. 

You need to receive these lessons.  You need to learn from them.  You need to grow from them.  You need to apply them.  Lessons are only learned if change occurs.  I cannot give what is not received.  It all starts with you.  The time is now.


About Common Courage

Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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