Lesson 21

You must learn to receive.  There are opportunities all around you.  You just need to be open to receiving them.  Opportunities will find you.  All manner of gifts are yours, but first you must learn to receive.  

You give easily.  You receive with struggle.  It is time to end this struggle.  It starts with a willingness to receive all things.  

Start by learning to receive love.  Open yourself up to allowing others to contribute to you.  Allow those contributions to come.  Accept them.  Rejoice in them.  You deny gifts that come your way.  Your unwillingness to receive is stopping you from having all that you desire. 

There is nothing to do but be willing to receive.  From anyone.  Anywhere.  At any time.  Have no notion as to what those gifts should look like.  Gifts will be coming.  You control whether or not they arrive.  

These are good times, even if they don’t appear to be such.  Simply relax and be with your circumstances.


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