Lesson 121 – Heaven is at Hand

One often hears others speak of their desire to get to heaven.  The truth is, heaven has always been accessible, and you were born having the key.  All it takes to use that key is a desire to give up the teachings of the world, and to replace those teachings with the knowing that is in your heart.

You have believed certain circumstances warrant certain reactions.  That is not true.  At each moment you have choice as to how you react to your circumstances.  You can run, and laugh, and dance and play, or you can fill yourself with anxious thoughts and fear-filled behaviors.  It has been your very choices in your reactions that have created your circumstances.

I say – choose differently.  You have my permission to enjoy each of your days.  You have held the idea that producing the results you desire requires hard work, struggle, and stress-filled effort.  On the contrary, the exact opposite is true.

I invite you to experiment.  For life is meant to be an experience of discerning truths and then applying those truths in action to confirm their authenticity.  Test all things.  For it is only through testing that you will know.

It is time to stop living in fear.  There is no need.  The time has come to return to Source. And it all starts with your willingness to use the keys that have always been in your possession.

So what should you do on this beautiful day? Go about your day with joy in your heart.  Thoroughly enjoy each thing that you do, knowing with certainty that the act of joyful surrender will lead to the results you desire, results reflecting a life of abundance and prosperity in all areas.  For desire, plus belief as demonstrated by action, leads to the manifestation of that desire.  Desire without congruent belief leads to failure.

The choice is yours.  But what a marvelous choice!  You can choose to live joyously, or you can choose to live surrounded by fear.  To live joyously will give you all the desires of your heart.  To live in fear will give you more of the same, for your results will reinforce your belief.

So I ask you – what will you choose?  What would anyone choose if they knew deep within their hearts what was true?

Enjoy your day, my dear one, knowing that my love surrounds you today, as it has surrounded you each and every day of your life.  Enjoy your day, knowing that through your enjoyment all that you desire shall be yours.  Enjoy your day knowing that in so doing you will receive confirmation that this way of being is the only way of being if prosperity is what you crave.  Start now, for I am complete.

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Lesson 120 – Gratitude

The only thing I ever ask for is your gratitude.  At times, however, you are so focused on what you do not have, that your gratitude is pushed far away from your conscious awareness.  And I say, how much of the beauty of your life have you missed by focusing on that which you do not have, rather than on that which you do?

You have never known lack.  And I have told you repeatedly that you never will.  So notice therefore, with wonder, all that you do have.  It is alright to enjoy that which you have.  Enjoying your bounty does not mean it will be taken from you.  The gifts you have received are not temporary.  They are for you and meant for your enjoyment.

It pains me that you know not what you have.  For you have so much.  You can take an inventory with your head.  But I want you to take an inventory with your heart.

Feel the total magnificence of your world.  What are you waiting for?  When will you decide that all is as it should be, and that the time to enjoy your circumstances is now?  For there is only now.  If you wait until tomorrow to enjoy your gifts, that day will never come.

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Lesson 119 – Perfect Choices

I am not a fortune teller.  Our relationship is not about me telling you where to next put down your foot.  For you see?  It matters not!  Every choice is a perfect choice.  Every choice will lead to perfect action, which will lead to perfect results.

And what might those results be?  They will be the results that you desire in your heart.  The secret, however, is to gain clarity as to what is in your heart, for you will receive exactly that which you desire.

How do you know what you truly desire?  What you desire will be obvious by how you are being.  For I am able to guide you in the manifestation of your desires, but my ability to do so is limited by the choices you make as to the place from where you live.

Desire is the place from where to start.  But then there must be complete and total congruency between your desire, your actions, and your way of being.  Only you can provide that congruency.  What I provide are the circumstances designed to develop that congruency.

Let me ask some questions for you to reflect upon:

  • What are your most burning desires at this very moment? In other words, what desires are dominant right now?  The answer may be a different one tomorrow.  But what are they now?
  • The next question is, how are your actions and your ways of being supporting those desires right now? For how you are being right now will lead you to discern the choices you are next to make.

Don’t analyze your answers too deeply.  Accept the answers that immediately come to your awareness, for those are the ones that are coming from your heart.

You often long to receive very specific guidance as to what steps you are to next take.  Yet, if I were to give you those answers, you would also have the answers to the questions I just asked of you.  Those questions were meant for you to ponder, not for me to answer on your behalf.  Answer those questions honestly and from your heart – so that I can ask you more.  For I am foremost your teacher, and a teacher never gives answers.  A teacher provides their student with just enough information that the student takes themselves to where they want to be.

Trust me as your teacher.  Trust that I am leading you to where you need to go.

Life is a continually unfolding journey of many steps.  One step does not preclude another.  There are no endings.  There are only beginnings.

Take some quiet time to reflect upon my questions.  Know that the love of Source surrounds you, and is guiding your way.  Enjoy the process within which you now find yourself, and don’t look at tomorrow.  Tomorrow will never come.  All you ever have is now.

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Lesson 118 – Aching with Desire

I have told you that all creation starts with desire.  I have also asked you to discern what it is that you desire most deeply.  Once you have identified your desires, reflect upon them, and deeply feel each one.

Write your desires where you can see them.  Dwell upon them.  Feel them deep within your bones.  Taste your desire.  Feel the truth and the strength and the power of each desire.  Ache with the call of your desire.  For the more you do so, the more you will see these desires made real in your world.  Your desires are an illusion under your control.  You literally have the power to bring your desires into being merely by focusing on the depth of your want.

But it takes faith.  I can tell you over and over again how the process works and what you must do to apply the process in your world.  But unless you believe, unless you come from faith, all my instructions will have been for naught.  For deeds without faith are empty and meaningless.

What is faith?  Faith is knowing without fear.  Faith is living from truth.  Faith is knowing who you are and your relationship to Source. Faith is not hiding behind old patterns and beliefs, but rather, acting on that which you were born knowing but cannot prove.

Are you ready to walk in faith, my dear one?  You have been playing with faith, this I know.  You have had moments of great certainty.  And then you have let the doubts of your well-trained mind pull you back in.  You have been dancing with boldness and courage, only to have your dance quickly followed by a rapid scramble back to the perceived safety of the darkness that has grown familiar to you.  But is the darkness ever safe?  It is only by bathing yourself in light and love that you will truly know what it means to be free.

What are you going to choose, my dear one?  You are at the cusp of greatness.  You have been making a long and arduous journey to the top of a very high cliff.  You are afraid to leap, yet you are unable to retreat.

Leap into my arms, my dear one, knowing in faith that I will catch you, never to let you go.  I am here with you.  I have always been here with you.  I have never abandoned you, and I never will.  You have been on a golden journey, one that has been led by your heart, for your heart is me.

Continue to live life in this way.  Follow my instructions with absolute faith.  Do not think of the possibility for failure, for failure is not an option.  Instead, celebrate your desires being made real.  Focus not on the possibility of disappointment.  Rather, dive in and deeply  feel your desires made real.

You don’t ever fully experience the depth of your desires because of fears that you have.  As a result of not fully experiencing the depth of your desire, your desires fail to materialize.  That which you fear then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, affirming that it is best not to desire too deeply.  You make your fear right, when it has been that very fear that has gotten in your way.

I say to live life in a new way, and enjoy these prophecies coming true.  Live totally from faith and notice what is then so.  When fear wants to poke you, and it will try to lead you off course, reread these words and then let your desire ring out in full force.  For only in that way, will it be yours.

You have a choice.  You can live a life of fear-filled mediocrity.  Or you can know I’ve been carrying you and will never put you down.  For I cannot.  I can no more put you down than you can detach one of your arms.  For your arms are just as much a part of you as I am.

I have given you much to think about.  Run and skip and laugh and play throughout your day, celebrating your desires, for they have already been made real.  Live out your day, knowing deep within your heart that my love surrounds you.  And do so now, for I am complete.

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Lesson 117 – Be The Writer of Your Story

Anger serves no purpose other than to hurt another.  And you have no need to hurt another, for no one has done anything to you that you have not allowed.

You teach others how to treat you.  You decide what you will accept – and what you won’t.  You let others know what you will allow, as well as what you will not tolerate.  You believe that it is done onto you as others believe.  The truth is, it is done on to you as you believe.  For you are the writer of your story.

There is never anything wrong.  There are only events that you have allowed.  And that is not a problem, either.  For just as you allowed them, you can un-allow them.  You decide.  You encourage.  You allow.

Nothing is in your life that did not come from your choice.  You have choice as to what you allow.  And at any moment – you have choice as to what you will continue to allow.  For life is not static.  Life is constantly moving, constantly unfolding, and you are its conductor.

You encourage some music to be played.  You discourage or soften others.  And as the music plays, measure for measure, you create shifts in its tune.  Subtle shifts?  Bold and dramatic shifts?  There are no rules.  Just truths that are so.

You have the right, my dear one, to have life suit you.  You have the right, my dear one, for life to please you.  You have the right, my dear one, to live life on your terms.  State what you desire life to be.

You were taught by sources unworthy of teaching that you lived at the mercy of their whims.  That may have been what you thought you observed, but that was never what was so.  It only appeared to be so.  What was so was that you always had choice, and you always wrote the music.

That was then.  This is now.  Now you know yourself to be a powerful creator.  The only truth that is preventing you from enjoying that power is your willingness to open your eyes.  Closing your eyes to the truth doesn’t make it go away.  It merely has the truth be present without your awareness that it is so.

All creation starts with desire.  You desire to be a victim?  That is what you will create.  You desire to be powerless?  In your power – you will create that as well.  You desire to be penniless?  You desire to struggle?  You desire conflict?  All will be yours.

Why would anyone claim to desire things such as that?  Because to desire their opposite brings consequences of responsibility.  To desire strength, abundance, and power brings with it the responsibility that comes from acknowledging your connection to Source. For once you see that you are a part of God, you can never again claim to be helpless.

What will it take, my dear one, to make that adjustment?  It only takes giving your word.  It only takes saying it is so.  It only takes living from that place, and being the powerful creator that you were made to be.

Why don’t we do that, when it seems so easy and the rewards seem so great?  You have told yourself that to claim ownership of one’s circumstances is dangerous.  But I ask you this – how much more dangerous is it when you give your power away?  Is there anyone you trust more than yourself to play the music that only you can hear?

Come out of the shadows and stand in the light where you belong.  Shout out your desires with joy.  No harm will come to you, for Source is waiting to make your dreams come true.

Dream the dreams a dreamer dreams and then watch the miracles unfold.  And don’t be afraid to dream them.  For why would you be given the ability to dream if Source did not also intend to provide the means for their fulfillment?

Do animals dream the dreams a dreamer dreams?  Do the trees, flowers, and grasses know how to dream?  Of course they do not.  Why not?  Because only you were made in the image of God. Only you were created to be partners with God in creating your world.

Go and do the job you were created to do.  Do so with your head held high, knowing you are walking your destiny.  Start now, knowing the love of God surrounds you and will keep you safe, for I am complete.

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Lesson 116- Boldly Speak the Truth

The truth, spoken from love, can never hurt, although the truth, when heard, can cause discomfort.  But who says discomfort is a bad thing?  Discomfort opens up the door to freedom.  For discomfort sets in motion a chain of events designed to lead you on a journey of reclaiming truth.

Boldly speak the truth, for those are the only words worth speaking.  Proudly speak the truth, for too often truth is denied.  It is the denial of truth that leads one down paths of incorrect conclusions.  Speak only truth and trust that it will be received as such.  If the truth causes discomfort for another, then that is their puzzle to uncover.  You are not responsible for the reactions of another.  You are only responsible for your own.

Truth always comes from love, and therefore cannot be spoken from anger.  Words spoken in anger are not truth.  The truth seeks to build up.  Anger seeks to destroy.  One comes from a place of love and light.  The other comes from a place of darkness and fear.

Anger is the result of your own judgments, reactions, and beliefs.  It must be set aside when speaking with another.  Focus, instead, on knowing love, and all else will rise up to support that knowing.  Focus on the beauty of what is being created, rather than on hoped for results.

Walk confidently forward knowing your way is blessed.  Know that all circumstances you encounter will be for good, and enjoy them knowing of their contribution to you, your growth, and your understanding.  And do so now, for I am complete.

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Lesson 115 – The Nature of Desire

Strong desire leads to strong results.  When you deny the strength of your desires, your results are reflected accordingly.  Your results always reflect your desire – or your suppression of that desire.

You want to change your results?  Change your desire.  Admit totally and truthfully the very depths of your desire.  For it is a rule of the Universe – ask and it is given to you.

So, my dear one – what do you desire?  What do you ask for?  What do you truly yearn for?  Become clear on those answers, and your results will reflect that clarity.

I propose that you sit with my instruction for a bit, and allow its truth to become part of you, rather than rushing in with answers to the questions at hand.  Only when you have clarity on what it is that you truly desire deep within your heart should you record an answer.  Know that I will be listening and waiting to respond, for I am complete.

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